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An article on how to turn your business money strategies over
to God and expect God to bless your business

Turn Your Business Over to God and Expect to be Blessed
By Bill Sitter

Turn your business over to God and expect to be blessed. The premise is simple enough - commit to operating your business - small or large - in accordance with Godly principles and be prepared for God to prosper your enterprise.

My good friend, Mitch Kersh of Execunet Ministries used Luke 5:1-8 to prove this point. Jesus was preaching by the Sea of Galilee and the crowds pressed around to listen. Jesus asked Simon (Peter) to take him away from the shore so he could sit and teach the multitudes. Peter was a fisherman and his boat was the primary business asset. He made a quick decision to turn his best business resource over to God.

Now comes the exciting part. Jesus finished His sermon and asked Peter to go fishing. Peter and his companions were fishing professionals who had fished hard all night and caught nothing. Still, Peter listened to Jesus and the record catch filled and nearly broke the nets of two boats.

Peter used his business for God's purposes and Jesus repaid him with a harvest of fish. As business leaders we would do well to seek creative ways to use our assets, and our God-given talents, to honor God not only in what we say or because we have a Christian symbol in our advertising, but in our daily actions.

Employees, customers, suppliers and other observers should see something special about the operation of a Christian run enterprise. Even non-believers should be captivated by a spirit of excellence and fairness and by the attitude of a team of employees who know they are valued. Also, they should observe good fruit - good results - as the Lord Jesus honors those who honor Him and His Father.

So, let's turn to advice from James 1:5 and ask God for wisdom. Seek "God ideas" on how to run "our business" - which is really "His business" for God. Then, get ready for a record breaking catch!

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