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Biblical Financial Freedom
“Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus” is a Bible-based course providing practical steps for financial breakthroughs. Biblical Giving and Spiritual Warfare training set this course apart…and it works every time!"

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An article about developing a flexible spending plan to help you account for how you spend your money

What Is A Spending Plan?
By Elaine Bechtel

“The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.”
Proverbs 21:5 (NIV)

Many people ask: “I know I got paid but where did it go?” or “My money is spent before I get it!” If that’s you then the Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus book and class is for you. A flexible spending plan is just that, a plan. A Spending plan that you have taken a month to develop and begin to refine. This spending plan can be adjusted as your goals change and life happens. According to Proverbs 21:5 if you take your time making a plan it will lead to profit. Surely habits of impulse buying have lead some into poverty. Budgets are usually developed for you by someone else and are rigid. In contrast, a spending plan is developed by you, to fit your household, and is flexible.

Creating your first spending plan gives you insight into all financial aspects of your daily life. You will learn which bills are fixed expenses (Ex.: Mortgage, Utility, Insurances) and which are more flexible. (Ex.: Food, Recreation/Vacation)

You will save receipts for a month to help track and reveal your spending habits. For many this is an eye opener. The plan will help you focus on what changes you will want to make.

When you take control of your flexible spending plan, with God’s grace and promises, you will achieve genuine financial freedom. Then, give God the glory and be a testimony for others.

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