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Financial Freedom
“Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus” is a Bible-based course providing practical steps for financial breakthroughs. Biblical Giving and Spiritual Warfare training set this course apart…and it works every time!"

Endorsements & Recommendations

"I highly recommend "Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus" as a powerful and proven resource to help smash the bondage of debt and empower people with abundance and a spirit of generosity. Plain and simple - it works! It has worked in our church and it will work in yours.

Bill and Maureen Sitter are faithful members of this ministry and people of proven character. They are a precious resource to our church, having liberated hundreds of people from crushing debt into generous givers. I urge you to get this book and I urge you to contact Bill and Maureen to come to your church - you won't be disappointed."

- Rick Godwin
Sr. Pastor Summit Christian Center, San Antonio, Texas

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“Taking the course (or reading the book) Financial Freedom in 7 weeks Plus is like sitting at the feet of Bill and Maureen Sitter. We would direct you to Proverbs that would exhort you to heed their words of (financial) wisdom which will lead you to the understanding of the Lord’s principles of prosperity. Their wisdom comes from studying the Word and applying it in their life with great success. Their heart for the Lord’s prosperity, along with a heart of giving, has given them a personal goal of giving from their abundance $1,000,000 into the Kingdom in their lifetime. Their heart for you who want to sit at their feet is what at you will learn the “ways of the Lord” and grow abundantly in the Lord’s prosperity. They believe that those who will learn from them will personally prosper so much that they (and you) will give $1,000,000,000 into the advancement of the Kingdom of the Lord. There is no better place to learn.”

--- Mike and Marilyn Phillipps
Founders, 2=1 International
The combined ministry of Nova Shalom Ministries, Marriage Ministries International and
University of the Family

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“I’ve known Bill and Maureen for over twenty years. They are a rock-solid couple – pursuing excellence in every part of their lives. Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus is a down-to-earth, workable program designed to liberate families from financial bondage. With this new freedom, a family can rise above the fray, catch a bigger vision for their lives, and begin pursuing the noble cause that God is calling them to. The book breaks the bondage then releases a family toward victorious living.”

--- Carl Caton
Caton Development and Founder of Christian Website
Member Board of Directors

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“As an executive in a large retail company employing thousands of people I have witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by uncontrolled debt in the lives of our employees. Being overwhelmed by debt is a major cause of marital stress. It also has a significant impact on employee productivity. Miracles happens in marriages and jobs when this debt is eliminated for good. Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus has been the generator of these types of miracles. I strongly recommend this course.”

--- Harvey Mabry
President of Retailing (retired)
HEB Food Stores

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"It is the plan of God that we would make practical application of biblical truth to affect our lives and the world around us. This book provides the tools to do both by our first achieving a debt free lifestyle. It is written in a very easy to read, user-friendly format to remove all fears and hindrances to tackling debt. It is highly recommended."

--- Natalie Hardy
Executive Director, City Reachers, and the San Antonio Apostolic Prayer Center.
Member Board of Directors

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“Bill and Maureen have presented their Financial Freedom course on my radio program Christian Investors Daily several times and have also presented it to the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants at the National Convention in Virginia. I have gotten to know both of them personally and financially. They teach what they live. My family knows their family. This is a couple who loves the Lord and lives by what they preach and teach. Listen to what they teach, because it is not them speaking, but God speaking through them.”

--- Bob Barber
Past President, National Association of Christian Financial Consultants; Owner, Christian Investment Services

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“Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus is a powerful tool to teach and manage your finances in line with God’s Word. Bill and Maureen Sitter’s lives demonstrate the truth the Scriptural principles that they teach. These principles will change your life. I highly recommend the Sitter’s Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus book.”

--- Dorcas Rogers
Past Station Manager, KHCE TV-23 San Antonio, Texas (Affiliate of Trinity Broadcasting Network)

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“Karen and I have known Bill and Maureen for over 13 years and at our very first meeting with them we saw and heard their heart for Debt Free Legacy. We have watched as their vision took shape and became their first edition and now their second edition. We are in complete agreement that to advance the Kingdom people must be set debt free and to know God’s Word concerning finances. We have seen people set free from debt bondage through their ministry and whole heartedly recommend it to everyone and every church.”

--- Steve & Karen Elliott
(Steve is a successful Financial Executive and on the
Board of Directors of

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“Bill and Maureen Sitter have prepared a thoughtful, Scriptural, and thoroughly practical book entitled Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus. Hundreds of people have already read and applied the principles. Their testimonies are the best possible endorsement of this material.

I would add this promise: if you examine the main points and prayerfully apply them, your finances will be blessed and you will experience freedom from oppression, confusion, and debt. Beyond that, their seven-week focus groups offer a hands-on opportunity to move from theory to life-giving experiences. It’s more than a book and a follow-up class. It actually is an invitation to a life of financial freedom.”

--- Pastor Louie Kaupp

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“As pastor, I have personally taken advantage of the Financial Freedom course along with my Catholic Congregation these past few years. It has proven to be a great blessing both to the participants and the congregation. Teaching about stewardship and tithing is sometimes difficult but the format makes it practical and easier for the congregation to comprehend and practice.”

--- Father Enda McKenna
Pastor St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Fredericksburg, Texas

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“My wife Laurie and I would love to personally thank you both for a successful Financial Freedom course. We would first like to express our gratitude for your vision of financial freedom from debt bondage that you both have taken and shared with so many. Your close relationship with the Father sprang forth a vision that is now multiplying in fruition. Thank you for our focus group leaders and leaders in training who taught by example. Seeing them already living debt free, allowed us both to see this life was possible. We enjoyed their breakthroughs and their determination to see us succeed. It means the world when people are behind you, praying for you, and never letting you give-in or give-up.

Sometimes our debt is created by our own inability to change what is keeping us from financial freedom. Our changes have brought forth a great increase. We are proud to announce that we have already dropped five of our outstanding debts and are working on the last few, before we begin saving for a new home and debt free future. I started a new full-time job, and we have begun saving for our future family legacy. Our numbers have moved from a negative to a positive in just over two months. We have so much to be thankful for. We eliminated strongholds by beginning to biblically tithe on our gross income. We also began giving freewill offerings and alms. After a year and a half of unemployment, my wife and I are beginning to see increase, due first of all to God’s grace, and also to the 7-week financial freedom steps, and the fantastic leadership of our focus group.

We wholeheartedly recommend Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus as we wish couples the joy we shared as we tore down strongholds and began the road to financial freedom. A million thanks.”

--- Reverend Jason Cobb and Mrs. Laurie Cobb

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"Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus" is an excellent, tool to move individuals from the burden of debt and poverty into sufficiency and giving! It not only deals with the practical aspects of budgeting, planning and assessing personal finances, but it addresses the wrong actions and motives that brought the problems in the first place. "Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus" provides both spiritual training and "hands-on" detailed financial advice.

It is perfect for small group workshops or individuals and couples seeking to rid themselves of the cycle of dept and lack. I recommend it and look forward to hearing of it's impact in the Kingdom."

- Alan Vincent
Founder Outpouring Ministries,

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"I believe a person's life should validate their teaching. Therefore, I highly recommend Bill and Maureen Sitter and the "Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus" book, seminar & small group course. Their life and ministry is an example of the awesome freedom found in wisely managing ones finances and bringing them in line with God's Word. Their teaching makes getting out of debt a realistic goal."

- Ron Corzine
Consultant & Pastor, Christian Fellowship International

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"Most of us have very little preparation or teaching regarding making decisions that lead to prosperity rather than to financial doom. This reality is reflected by the record amount of consumer debt and the massive number of personal bankruptcies. You can find help! The Bible is full of answers that can help you be free to do what God has called you to do. Bill and Maureen Sitter have organized many of the scriptures and Biblical concepts in a step-by-step set of instructions that all of us can follow to escape the financial rat race and live a purpose filled life. Their focus group course, "Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus" also identifies factors creating financial bondage and shows how to break that cycle. This course should be a part of the ministry of every church in America and around the world."

- Dr. A. Clyde Vollmers,
Prof. Emeritus MN St. University & Prof. of Business Northwestern College

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