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Biblical Financial Freedom
“Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus” is a Bible-based course providing practical steps for financial breakthroughs. Biblical Giving and Spiritual Warfare training set this course apart…and it works every time!"

Partnering With Us by
Electronic Funds Transfer

You may commit to a monthly donation by automatic Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH debit) from your bank account by following a few simple steps below. 

When you commit to a monthly gift to the ministry you will join us in our efforts to reach as many people as possible with practical steps for financial breakthroughs, including Biblical giving and Spiritual warfare training.

Our commitment to you:

  1. All contributions will be used in a financially responsible manner.
  2. The ministry will continue to focus on reaching and teaching others to live debt free in true Financial Freedom.
  3. Our leadership team will pray for you and all Ministry Partners regularly.
  4. Ministry Partners will receive a brief monthly update by email, sharing with you our ministry efforts and testimonies.

Will you commit to be our Partner?  Live Loud... Leave a Legacy!
To make a monthly donation by automatic Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH debit) please click here to print the Electronic Funds Transfer form. Fill it out and send it to us, along with a VOID check to:

Debt Free Legacy
23995 Bat Cave Road, Suite 200
San Antonio, TX  78266

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at
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