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Financial Freedom
“Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus” is a Bible-based course providing practical steps for financial breakthroughs. Biblical Giving and Spiritual Warfare training set this course apart…and it works every time!"

Meet the Sitters
(Book Authors & Ministry Founders)

As authors of “Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus” and founders of this ministry, we thank you for wanting to learn more about this Bible-based financial training and this (501(c)(3) not for profit ministry. We are delighted to provide personal biographical information as well as our mission and vision statements, and a few bullet points explaining what is unique about this ministry.

Bill and Maureen Sitter have been married for over fifty years. As one flesh, they have shared a strong desire to help people become debt free. This seven-week course Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus is the outgrowth of many years of training, counseling, and mentoring adults. The focus of their efforts has always been to show others that the Bible provides clear instructions that will ensure true financial freedom. Biblical foundations are combined with practical application techniques to ensure success.

The course clearly acknowledges that God wants His people to prosper (3 John: 2), while the devil only desires to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). Based on these two key truths, the course provides Christians with God-given instructions on how to use God’s weapons in order to attack and defeat the devil. Prayer, Praise, Spiritual Warfare, and a Biblical Flexible Spending Plan are key ingredients in every chapter.

User-friendly forms and examples are clearly woven throughout the course in order to equip all course graduates with the practical financial tools needed to develop a Flexible Family Spending Plan and a personal cash flow control system.

Back to our authors. Maureen and Bill met at Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) where they received their undergraduate degrees. They have two children, Chris and Cassidy. Bill served in the US Army Infantry and achieved the rank of Captain. He went on to build a successful business career in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. In addition, he has served as President, Chief Operating Officer, and General Manager of companies in the Midwest and in Texas. At the age of 50, Bill was the honor graduate of his MBA class at Our Lady of the Lake University, in San Antonio, Texas. In 1990 Bill became the owner of a successful business, Jordan-Sitter Associates (  In 2010, the firm was sold to a fine Christian couple.  The vision statement expresses the enterprise's commitment to honoring Jesus Christ and to godly stewardship principles. In 2013 Bill joined The C 12 Group as Chairman/Facilitator of Multiple Christian Leader Peer Boards:

In the past several years, Bill and Maureen have had the privilege of conducting a number of small Financial Freedom Focus Groups using the material presented in this book. They have also trained group leaders in various churches and have provided oversight to groups in the U.S. and overseas. The Sitters are no strangers to Christian radio and local TV and have presented many “Building a Financial Legacy” & “Financial Freedom” seminars.

Because the Word of God is absolute and true, those who have sincerely and genuinely applied the material in the book have achieved success. (See the financial breakthroughs and Testimonies, and Pastor’s Endorsements sections of this website).

For several years, the Sitters have encountered people who are desperate for godly practical financial instruction. Demand from the U.S. and other countries like Fiji, left Bill and Maureen with no option but to publish the material, in English and Spanish.

Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus Legacy Edition also serves as a workbook (manual) for the Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus course, which may be used by individuals on their own, but is ideally presented in small focus groups. This one book serves both group leaders and students; and it includes a companion DVD with segments geared to each weekly lesson, including encouraging testimonies.

THE MINISTRY is now the official corporate name of this not for profit (501©(3) ministry. The classic edition of our workbook, Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus was first published in 2002 and was enhanced with the publishing of the Legacy Edition. Now, with the support and guidance of an excellent board of directors, and a dedicated leadership team, the ministry is committed to the following mission and vision statements.

We believe that true financial freedom means having all the resources needed–skills, time, and money–to accomplish all that God has called His people (us) to do on this earth. Our mission is to provide user-friendly and relevant Bible-based financial training and material to help men and women, couples and singles achieve this goal.

This ministry purposes to provide godly, Bible-based financial training and material for training everywhere, in every language - starting in English, then in Spanish, and then wherever God leads.

There are many financial training programs out there, and we have no interest in reinventing or reproducing someone else’s programs. So, let’s examine the core principles of Financial Freedom in 7-weeks Plus.

  • We provide a clear Bible-based workbook with many Scriptures for reinforcement.
  • Biblical giving is one of the keys to financial freedom. Our “Biblical Giving Plan” includes tithes, freewill offerings, and alms for the poor.
  • Spiritual warfare is one of the weekly foundations. We believe that the devil’s job description in John 10:10 is valid and we teach principles and tactics to defeat him and break curses and strongholds.
  • User-friendly forms are part of each of the 7 weekly lessons and homework. Because many readers have no prior understanding of basic financial principles, easy to understand (before and after) examples are provided.
  • Freedom from debt is one of the goals so people can move deeper into real financial freedom.
  • Goal setting exercises are included.
  • The program is all included in one workbook, making it easy and cost effective for leaders and for churches and ministries to adopt and use this 7-week small group course.
  • Reading the exciting Testimonies, Survey Results, and Endorsements validates the fact that this material really works. We repeatedly see: marriages restored, debt bondage broken, tithing and giving dramatically increasing, hope restored, and incredible spiritual warfare breakthroughs, including salvations.

For over five years, we have witnessed life-changing results from the “Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus” small groups (also known as Focus Groups).

The ministry conducted an anonymous survey of students completing the Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus focus groups. Look at these amazing survey results and you decide if there is value for you, your family, and your church or ministry. The results speak volumes.

  • 100% are now committed tithers
  • 92% now give freewill offerings beyond the 10% first fruits tithe.
  • 100% report that this program has produced positive life-changing results.
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