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Financial Freedom
“Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus” is a Bible-based course providing practical steps for financial breakthroughs. Biblical Giving and Spiritual Warfare training set this course apart…and it works every time!"


In his famous book “David Copperfield”, author Charles Dickens gave a very simplistic formula for happiness: “spend less than you earn”.  Fortunately, God’s Word – the Bible provides a great deal more depth with over 2,000 scriptures relating to financial matters.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if America, and all the world’s debtor nations, as well as all families, would follow even this most basic advice from Dickens.  The United States of America has set a horrible example for financial management .  For years, this country (which we love) has spent far, far more than the money it received.  The result has been debt and the printing of more and more US currency, and the astounding expansion of our national debt…a debt that future generations will have to repay. 

It will take many years for wise men and women leaders to return America to a stable financial platform…assuming they have the courage to stay the course.  However, the average person or family must take a fast track approach.  After all, we cannot just print currency (at least not legally) and we cannot float bonds or borrow long-term from banks and foreign nations, like China.

Fortunately, the Bible is loaded with real world advice on how Christians can be good stewards of the resources God has blessed us with.  As a quick refresher, take a few minutes to read Deuteronomy 8:18, Psalms 50:10 and 1st Chronicles 29:11-12.  These are just a few of the scriptures attesting to the fact that God owns everything and only He gives us the power and ability to get wealth. is a ministry dedicated to helping people achieve their God-given destinies.  The Legacy Edition workbook “Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus” helps people work through practical exercises, backed by scriptural support, to get their own financial houses in order.  Part of the course uses Charles Dickens’ logic of spending less than you earn.  However, the training goes far beyond that by leading people on a path to true Financial Freedom….God’s Way!

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Our testimony begins with desperation. On the morning of June 20, I awoke to a checking account balance of one penny.  Judy and I had never been in such financial straits. We had been faithful tithers since we married in 1993. We had given regular freewill offerings and alms. We had no credit card obligations. No car payments. We also had no money. Zero cash in checking and dwindling scraps in savings.

We were stressed, afraid, full of doubt. God, what is going on?

In the early years of our marriage, we led a financial management course at our church in Florida. We gave roughly 25 percent of our gross income to the church and had plenty left over.  In 2001, we moved to San Antonio. I had a Good salary, Lots of perks, Regular vacations. Life was good. When Judy began a new career, our income soared. As our children grew up and began playing sports, our lives got busier but our marriage remained strong.

In March 2009, I lost my job. Days after my last paycheck, I began a new job in marketing. I took a 40 percent cut in pay. The economy collapsed. Judy’s commissions vanished. We cut expenses and made up the difference with my severance package -- but that didn’t last long.

After awaking to the one cent checking account, I called a friend from Summit and we fasted. Before the end of the day, several hundred dollars appeared in our account. We still needed a breakthrough and enrolled in a Summit class, “Financial Freedom In 7 Weeks-Plus.”  After the first class, we came downstairs and noticed a scorpion crawling across the carpet. I crushed it with my shoe, scooped it with a napkin and deposited it in a trash bin. The Lord reminded me of the scripture, “You shall trample scorpions and snakes.” I knew breakthrough was imminent.

Much of the class seemed like review for us. But the spiritual warfare component opened my eyes. I repented of judgments I had made and fasted once a week for financial freedom. On my way to work one morning, Judy said, “Call me with good news.”

I received a freelance assignment that day and phoned Judy. The next morning, she kissed me at the door and said, “Call me with more good news.”  The heavens opened. After fasting that morning, a friend I hadn’t seen in years called and invited me to lunch. Shortly after we met, my friend said, “I heard you and Judy were struggling.” Before I could respond, he handed me a check for $500.

Call me with good news, honey. …

I received a raise. Judy secured a new client. My raise came with a bonus. Judy made a nice commission. My mother-in-law decided to buy us a new refrigerator. Judy earned another commission and a bonus! On and on it went: new assignments, more clients, good commissions, unexpected gifts. …

I began to feel like George Bailey at the end of It’s A Wonderful Life. Before the course ended, we re-financed our house, shaved two years off our mortgage, skipped two months of payments, lowered our monthly payments and received substantial cash back from our escrow account.

Our teachers, Tom & Betty Stewart, provided strong leadership. Our classmates inspired us. The Holy Spirit worked wonders.  God’s blessings continue. We have not fully recovered from the financial hit we took in 2009. But we are advancing - prayerfully and strategically - and rejoicing in new financial liberties.

-- Ken and Judy

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“After completing the Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus focus group, our marriage and our lives were forever changed. We realized we had allowed certain strongholds to take root in our marriage and family. But our premier breakthrough came during the homework from Chapter 1. We made a one-flesh decision to implement the three pronged giving plan of tithing, giving above the tithe and the sowing of alms. We had been tithing, for years, but we had discovered that unforgiveness had been blocking our financial blessing. When we purposed to give above the tithe, and put our written plan into action, God put His plan into action. We are now giving more than we’ve ever given—and we’re living Malachi 3:8-10! We are continually being blessed and being groomed to be lean, mean, blessing machines! God is no respector of persons, and what He’s done for us, He can do for you! He owns it all and we obediently give a percentage of our combined income to fund His Kingdom glory! We’ve been able to increase that percentage annually.

Another huge breakthrough came when we read Chapter 9. We discovered we were being vexed through our kids who had exhibited such bad behavioral problems that we had become consumed with their care and with bailing them out of trouble by financing their foolishness. Needless to say, we have made changes in this area and we have fully embraced the Spiritual Warfare challenge on behalf of our adult children, grandchildren and future generations to come!

We so appreciate the uncompromising teaching, love, prayer and guidance of Bill and Maureen Sitter – they have laid the groundwork for us to follow. We are debt-free, working at paying off our mortgage and will never be in debt-bondage again! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bill and Maureen for being that example for us, and others, to follow!”

-- Dave and Joyce Shoemaker
(Focus Group Leaders and Core Leadership Team Members)

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“After going through Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus, our lives have not been the same. Unfortunately, we were living the statistic where 90% of our discussions were about finances and it affected our marriage negatively. Throughout the course our marriage experienced healing. Each week we rediscovered who we were and where God wanted us to be in the areas of our relationship and finances. The chapter on breaking curses and strongholds helped us become stronger. As our marriage was being restored, so were our finances. Now that we are being obedient to the Word and putting into practice what we have learned, we have experienced many breakthroughs and blessings. We give God all the glory and we thank Him that He gave Bill and Maureen the vision to help others achieve financial victories and become debt free.”

-- Joe and Rosa Dominguez
(Focus Group Leaders and Core Leadership Team Members)

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I love it! Chapter 9 (Breaking Curses, Blockages & Strongholds) really sets this course apart. Spiritual warfare has become a new weapon in my arsenal. And this course has helped me measure, understand and control spending.

--- Stephen Jones

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“I am so excited because this class has changed my life. I was at a place where I was very dissatisfied with the way I was spending my money and could sense it was not the way God wanted me to handle it. I continued to do wrong things with my money simply because I knew no other way.

When I took the class and began to grab hold of biblical principles, every area of my life began to change. I started tithing correctly, giving freewill offerings, and sowing alms. I immediately began to feel better about my life. I put a debt repayment plan and a flexible spending plan into action and was able to decrease my debt by 90% within the first 6 months. I was able to save more and invest more and, having paid off credit cards, I was able to do what my heart’s desire really was: give more to the church building fund to help leave a legacy for the next generation.

I have been able to help my friends grasp the principles this course taught me because they can actually see the way my life has changed. One friend in particular decided to take the course after talking to me and her personal testimony is incredible.

I thank God for my small group leaders, Dave and Joyce Shoemaker, because they helped me see what God has planned for me in His Word. When I apply the principles of His Word, God simply honors that. I now have an inner peace that really does surpass all understanding.”

-- Kawanda Dixon
Sergeant Major US Army (Retired)

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“Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus is a great program that helped us identify and change bad behaviors and thinking regarding our finances, and we’ve seen significant results. This biblically-based course enabled us to work together and change those wrong thoughts and habits and focus on being biblically-based stewards. Financial planning is not solely Krishna’s or Bret’s job – it’s a joint (one flesh) responsibility for establishing and monitoring our monthly spending habits and goals. It hasn’t been easy, but the tools we’ve learned to use through this program have given us peace of mind and a greater sense of financial security. By following God’s plan, we’re definitely believing the promise of Matthew 25:21, that as we are faithful in a few things, God will put us in charge of many things. We desire to hear Jesus say, “Well done good and faithful servants.”

-- Brett and Krishna Stevens

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“We’ve been married thirteen years and have had bad spending habits and could not agree on many expenditures. Before this 7 week course, we tried budget programs but without success. We began the class and immediately began seeing breakthroughs: new career opportunities, bonuses, and even an exceptional car purchase deal. We found a new level of agreement in our marriage and began moving towards freedom from debt and a road to living financially in a godly manner. The adversary, the devil, fought us all the way but the spiritual warfare training (Chapter 9) showed us how to deal with Satan. We now have good goals for the future that include giving to God. We see where the money is going. We feel the power of a couple in agreement and we know that all financial decisions are really spiritual decisions. Thanks to this book, course, and our focus group leaders, we have the tools to build a solid financial and spiritual legacy for our kids.”

-- Robert and Abril Herald

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“As a direct result of the Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus course, we have a new mindset that will no longer allow the past to rob our future. God’s financial plan is now our priority. We realize that the ‘stinkin thinkin’ of the world’s system (easy credit rip offs and debt) is an absolute lie. The redeemed of the Lord can and should live like it.”

-- Tim and Patricia Nichols

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"This 7 week small group program was awesome! Before this course, my husband James and I were never on the same page concerning our spending. We now have a true understanding of what it is that God has purposed for us. Knowing His Word regarding money, spending, building, saving, and applying the principles of this program will help us be in agreement, and stay focused, on how to handle God's money."

-- T. Smith

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“Dear Bill and Maureen, When we attended your finance focus group we didn’t really know what to expect. Our finances were in bad shape. Frankly, it was embarrassing to share. Thank you for being so compassionate and caring. The small group environment made it easy to be transparent. Thank you for showing us God’s never changing principles. This has definitely helped us gain control of our finances. In addition, your course has been very effective in teaching us how to deal with debt. We are on the road to becoming DEBT FREE! We know where we stand, and we have a plan, thanks to you. In the name of JESUS we declare, in faith, that we are debt free! Thank you and may God bless you both.”

--- Mike and Kathie Maloney

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"The 7 week course taught us a lot more than just getting our stuff (finances) in order. What we have learned empowers us to leave a legacy for our kids and future generations. (It's like opening up a can of worms and seeing a cabinet full.) The good news is that the book offers Godly solutions."

--- Bill Rinehardt

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“Before the course, my husband Bill and I were not on the same page. I was the one who did everything regarding our finances. I tried to give the financial responsibility to my husband, but he didn’t want it. Now, we make financial decisions as a team.”

--- Irene Rinehardt

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“For about three years, my wife and I have been discussing/planning for my retirement from my second career. The Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus course helped us finalize this plan in an organized manner. We had been exposed, at one time or another, to most of the principles, but never in a neat package. The course forced us to accurately list all our liabilities and assets. Thus, giving us a true picture of our financial position. It also helped us formulate a family spending plan that will allow us to succeed with our plan. At first we were overwhelmed, but as we neared the end of the 7-week course all the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place. The greatest impact on us was that our hearts were forever changed towards finances (God’s money). The course made Psalm 37:4 a reality in our lives: ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.’”

--- Tony and Blanca Chapa

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"The Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus course was a major blessing to us. We are now applying the principles we learned in our daily lives. Before attending the class, Percy managed the finances. Now, we take time to plan short and long term financial goals. This course taught us to work together as a one-flesh team regarding our finances. As we were participating in the course, we received a great breakthrough. God revealed to us that we were sowing good seed into bad ground. We repented and God brought about a great financial blessing, within days. Praise God!"

--- Percy and Daynelle Kimbrough

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“The Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus course gave us the tools to be better stewards of our money. We now pay more attention to small financial details. We’ve learned that it’s not how much money we make that’s important, but how we manage it. We now know where our money is being spent and how to better plan. Instead of ignoring a difficult situation, we face it. The weekly lessons taught us a great deal. We made a slight adjustment to our mortgage payment (it cut 5 years off the loan). We now pay it (half of a full monthly payment) every two weeks instead of once a month. Also as a result, we will save $20,000 in interest payments. Anyone who has self-employment income will definitely be blessed by the Guidelines for the Self Employed in Chapter 2. We really appreciate the Sitters’ willingness to teach and train others.”

--- Larry and Maria Dahlstein
(Note: The Dahlsteins served as leaders in training and progressed to lead a 7-week focus group. They have eight children, home school, and both spouses work multiple jobs; so what’s your excuse?)

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"Most importantly, I learned that Satan really does not want Christians to have this financial freedom information. He fights you in whatever area of weakness you have - for me it was "This is too hard!!" Prayer and spiritual warfare are both absolutely necessary for true financial success. Thanks to this program, I now know how to use both."

--- N. Comstock

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“This Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus course showed me that God wants to be a part of my life and my finances. Buying this book is a great step financially and spiritually. Any thoughts of fear, stress, shame, and not having enough time are clearly thoughts from the devil. The devil wants to keep God out of your financial life. The strongest and brightest light is from our Father. So, turn on the light, and let God govern your finances. He is ready to bless you and your family! In the 7-week focus group study, you will find faith, fellowship, and love. You will also receive an understanding of how to keep God in your bank account and the devil out. You will learn practical financial applications based on biblical truths. These truths are essential for the rest of your life. The joy that comes from this class will elevate your spirit and strengthen your faith. Tithe to your Father, pray for guidance, share with your class, and do your homework. I thank God for His many blessings, for this class, and for the incredible focus group leaders called to faithfully teach this life changing material.”

--- Amelia Hartzel

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“This course provided financial principles that we found are easy to both understand and apply in our daily lives. The small focus group (meeting in a friendly home environment) put us at ease. We are both self-employed, and we especially benefited from the Guidelines for the Self-Employed (Chapter 2). We learned how to calculate “increase” and our tithe, even though our income was very irregular.”

--- Ed and Margaret Marotta

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“Dave and I have been married for 4 years. Dave is active duty Air Force and we both had quite a bit of debt when we got married: student loans, personal loans, car loans, credit cards, etc. We constructed a budget while trying to figure out what to do with one income. I searched for a job until we received the news that I was pregnant with our first child. We got things under control on our own, but didn’t feel we were making any progress on our debts. They just kept getting bigger, although we were paying the monthly minimums. Then our second child came along and the Air Force moved us from NC to TX.

We were praying for God to guide us in our finances, wanting desperately to have the financial means to bless our church and the ministries that had blessed us, but instead it felt as though we were continuing to drown in debt.

We heard about the “Building A Financial Legacy” seminar by Bill and Maureen Sitter, and the Finance Team. Some of the things we had heard before, but some of it, especially hearing it in the context of Scripture, was very eye-opening for us. We desperately wanted to join a small focus group, but the military was sending us to Alabama and we would not be in town for the 7-week group. We bought the book and resolved to go ahead and work through it on our own.

God has richly blessed us for being faithful to Him and applying the principles of the workbook. You can learn what God has for you in working through the 7-weeks of material! We had been tithing before the course, but the area of giving above the tithe was new to us. Since that time, we have increased our giving, increased the amount we are paying on our debts and still have plenty to meet our needs each month. We have tightened our belt on non-essentials and wants, and have focused on our savings, debt payment and sowing into God’s Kingdom.

We have already paid off two debts and rolled that money over to the next one. We will have all of our credit card and personal loans paid off in about one year, and then we’ll be down to the mortgage, car, and student loans.

We want to encourage everyone who needs guidance or is looking for hope in their finances to get involved in a 7-week group. We also want to encourage those who for whatever reason cannot commit to the small group to buy the book, commit to prayer, do the work, apply the principles, and just see what the Lord can do in your finances!

It takes diligence but you can succeed using this workbook even without the blessings of being in a 7-week focus group.”

--- David and Jessica Ham

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“After finishing the Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus course, the Lord gave us a new understanding of how to steward our finances. The course also gave us hope and a vision of one day being totally debt-free!”

--- Richard and Sandra Martinez
(Note: Richard and Sandra have led a focus group and they taught these principles both in English and Spanish-speaking churches. Before becoming leaders in training, they had no background knowledge in finances. We are so proud of what God is doing through their faithfulness. Their progress and growth proves the importance of the mentoring role that leaders play when discipling and training leaders in training.)

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"I truly enjoyed the encouragement from others' breakthroughs and the notes from leaders. The course changed my mind - yes I can mentally go from slave to kingship. I will not wander around in a financial desert. I now have a clear picture of where I am going - to my financial Promised Land."

--- C. Nambt

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"I now feel much better about spending money wisely, not guilty, because my wife and my God have blessed the expenditure before it happens."

--- G. Becker

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"I have found more and better ways to make the most of what I have and to live within my means."

--- R. Daniels

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"The course has helped me realize how my bad money managing habits had impacted my life as well as my children. I now realize how important leaving a positive legacy is for their future."

--- D. Alexander

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"The 'Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus' course has brought me freedom from bondage. For years I struggled with expenses. I learned through this course that I cannot do it without asking and including God in my finances. He has blessed me in many ways through this program. My business has prospered with increased customers and revenues and I have learned (most importantly) to lean on Him for decisions and strength and faith. I left credit card bondage behind and am soaring on eagles wings. Thanks to this ministry for the gift of teaching me how to: handle my finances, to plan and to live my dreams and goals."

--- Dimaond Kemp

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"This 7 week course has changed my life significantly! I am now anxious to tithe completely. I never made the connection between tithing and God blessing my finances. I will never spend the same."

--- Donna Neff

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"This course has done more good for our relationship than just our finances. For the first time in our marriage money isn't stressful and we can be honest with each other without fear. We have paid-off our furniture, created a great spending plan, and gained more love and respect for one another."

--- Katherine Fielder

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"This 7 Week course has given me hope that I can be debt free and has started me on the path to that freedom! It has helped me become committed to working on what God wants me to do with my life and that does not include any debt bondage."

--- Johnny and Felicia Hughley

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"We started in tremendous bondage, especially our finances. We experienced every symptom of financial stress and bondage; from suffering low self esteem to agreeing to the worst high percentage loans. After taking the Financial Freedom course, we saw the way to "freedom". We can bank on all God's teachings and principles and for once in our lives we can truly say we are on our way to Total Freedom.

--- Ruben and Rachel Sanchez

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"We finished the Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus course the week before we got married. It was one of the wisest things we did. It resolved many issues we came across when consolidating our finances. It was a true blessing. It also started our marriage on the right track by establishing a solid biblical financial foundation. We highly recommend the 7 week focus group course to everyone."

--- Jim and Terry Dunlap

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The beautiful country of Fiji is made up of several islands and is located to the east of Australia. Through Marriage Ministries International, Bill and Maureen forged an incredible friendship with Matai and Mei Niumataiwalu. He works at a radio station and she is a homemaker and mother of 3 fine sons. In addition to serving as National Married for Life (2=1) Leaders, Matai and Mei started and led a Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus focus group. The group was comprised of pastors, a fisherman, a businessman, and their spouses. The results were excellent and we are encouraged that more focus groups are planned for the future. The following statements are some of the encouraging testimonies from Fiji:

“We have been tremendously blessed because finance was an area we did not often discuss as a family. Sitting down and planning financially is a major breakthrough for us. Traditionally, we gave to the extreme extent believing that ‘tomorrow takes care of itself.’ As a result, our family was occasionally deprived of their basic needs. We thank God that we can now pass on to our children, and to future generations, a godly financial legacy. As we prepared to teach the ‘paradigm shift’ concept, God showed us that a married couple must unite as one flesh, and renew their minds with His Word, in order to receive His promises.

Exodus 20:2 gave us insight into the Lord’s will for us. Egypt was a house of bondage because Pharaoh had enslaved and mistreated God’s people. We, too, have been brought out of a house of debt bondage through Christ and the renewing of our minds. Like the Israelites, we have to enlarge and expand our thinking to be ready for God’s plans to come to pass. We’re excited at what God is doing. We pray for continuous breakthroughs in the Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus project because we believe many families around the world will be blessed by it.”

--- Matai and Mei Niumataiwalu

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“We own a small fishing business. The 7-week focus group, led by Matai and Mei, taught us a great deal by using God’s Word as the standard. We now communicate better, pray better, pray together, and love one another more intensely. After undertaking this course, we are now working together on our daily spending plan, which has enabled us to pay off some of our debt. We foresee big financial breakthroughs in our home. The course, as a whole, has helped us to become much better stewards at home and in church.”

--- Tony and Joanna Kean

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“Bula (greetings), we have had the special privilege of serving as leaders in training, to Matai and Mei. This was the first time the Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus course was taught in Fiji. The course has been a huge blessing to our family. We went into it expecting to be blessed in the area of finance and came out blessed in all areas. We realized that in the area of finances, we had excluded God. Once we acknowledged this and allowed Him to start ministering to us in this area, it became a spiritual stepping-stone. Through this course we have learned to be faithful, not only with finances, but with all the wonderful blessings from Abba Father. It has also brought about a spiritual revival in our lives. We thankfully praise God for taking us up to another level. Bill and Maureen, we thank God for you and your continuous commitment to give of what He has given you. We pray that as you continue to sow into the lives of others, our Heavenly Father will bless you abundantly.”

--- Wade and Janelle Gibson & family

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