Debt Free Legacy

Analyzing My Monthly Cash Flow

by Kristi LaMontagne

Failure to use a flexible spending plan is one of the leading causes for financial woes. Many people lack a clear understanding of basic accounting principles; therefore, learning a few of these simple principles can help you better manage your money (Prov.27: 23). Cash flow analysis on a monthly basis shows you whether you are generating enough cash to meet your financial obligations and how your expenditures (outflow) relate to the money coming in (inflow). A monthly cash flow analysis helps you determine where you lack capital or have a surplus. This information can then be compared monthly to the records that you have accumulated in the past months. Putting God in the center of developing your flexible spending plan will give you an assurance and peace that you are moving toward a well balanced cash flow.

Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus is a Bible-based workbook that will guide singles, couples and families step-by-step through all the basics of managing money. Chapters 4 – 7 focus on the Flexible Spending Plan concept and Cash Flow Management.