Debt Free Legacy

Computers and Cash Flow Control Software

by Bob & Kristi LaMontagne

God made us and He intends for us to be good stewards, or care takers, of God’s money. Fortunately there are many modern tools that can help us do that with relative ease. Are you fearful or do you get excited when computers are mentioned? Today, there are many user friendly software programs to assist anyone interested in tracking their finances on a computer. However, discipline and accuracy are vital to properly record and safeguard information entered. With computer software programs you must faithfully enter all transactions. As a benefit, you should receive easy to read reports, and detailed summaries for your income and expenses, broken-out by the major categories you pre-select. For instance, you can customize most reports to match your spending and biblical giving plan categories.

Easily available on the market today are many popular financial software packages like Intuit’s Quicken and Quick Book Pro, which are well designed for small business and personal use. Also, available on the market are software packages that deal with money matters by Crown Financial Ministries. Larry Burkett’s team originally developed these software packages, which are reasonably priced. Then, of course, there is Microsoft offering their Microsoft Money which is generally included in their Microsoft Office software package.

Financial software programs offer great assistance to anyone willing to work with computers to take control of their cash flow and become debt free.

One big caution, if you (or your spouse – if married) do not totally understand computerized records; start with the easy-to-use Manual Cash Flow Control System, included in Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus. Once you have this process down cold, then you’re ready to move on to computer-based software, if desired.