Financial Happiness…Charles Dickens and God’s Word

by Debt Free Legacy


In his famous book “David Copperfield”, author Charles Dickens gave a very simplistic formula for happiness: “spend less than you earn”.  Fortunately, God’s Word – the Bible provides a great deal more depth with over 2,000 scriptures relating to financial matters.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if America, and all the world’s debtor nations, as well as all families, would follow even this most basic advice from Dickens.  The United States of America has set a horrible example for financial management .  For years, this country (which we love) has spent far, far more than the money it received.  The result has been debt and the printing of more and more US currency, and the astounding expansion of our national debt…a debt that future generations will have to repay. 

It will take many years for wise men and women leaders to return America to a stable financial platform…assuming they have the courage to stay the course.  However, the average person or family must take a fast track approach.  After all, we cannot just print currency (at least not legally) and we cannot float bonds or borrow long-term from banks and foreign nations, like China.

Fortunately, the Bible is loaded with real world advice on how Christians can be good stewards of the resources God has blessed us with.  As a quick refresher, take a few minutes to read Deuteronomy 8:18, Psalms 50:10 and 1st Chronicles 29:11-12.  These are just a few of the scriptures attesting to the fact that God owns everything and only He gives us the power and ability to get is a ministry dedicated to helping people achieve their God-given destinies.  The Legacy Edition workbook “Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus” helps people work through practical exercises, backed by scriptural support, to get their own financial houses in order.  Part of the course uses Charles Dickens’ logic of spending less than you earn.  However, the training goes far beyond that by leading people on a path to true Financial Freedom….God’s Way!

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