Debt Free Legacy

Is it okay to Tithe via Credit Card?

by Debt Free Legacy

In this brief article we will not delve into the Old Testament and New Testament concept of paying a first fruits, ten percent, tithe to the church (storehouse) where we are spiritually fed. However, Chapter Two of the workbook “Financial Freedom in Seven Weeks Plus” is devoted to a three part Biblical Giving Plan, consisting of tithes, offerings, and alms. So let’s narrow this discussion to the question: “Is it okay to Tithe via Credit Card”? 
Although we hate the fact that so many people are in credit card debt bondage, we also understand the practicality of needing one card for various uses: renting a car, hotel and airline reservations, etc. Our ministry urges people to NEVER fall into the minimum payment trap but rather to ALWAYS pay the full balance, on time, each month.
Common sense tells us that credit card companies are in business to make a profit. They do this by charging a transaction fee to the merchant who accepts your card purchase and from interest and other fees paid by card holders. So – YES it is acceptable to pay tithes or give freewill offerings or alms via credit card… but you should find out what fee (percentage) the church or ministry will have to forego and add enough to your gift to cover the fees. For example,  lets just assume that you want to pay a tithe of $100 and you use a credit card that charges the church a three percent fee. Then, in this example, the church really only gets to keep $97. Since this is less than the full amount of the tithe you intended the church to receive, you should increase the tithe to (approximately) $103 so the church really does receive the full $100.

We understand that many churches and ministries are very hesitant to mention this because they do not want to put – up any giving road blocks. Our ministry believes that sincere Christians seek knowledge and have a desire to give wisely… and part of their giving plan will be a full ten percent tithe.