Debt Free Legacy

What is Cash Flow Control?

by Bob & Kristi LaMontagne

"Understanding the principles that God and money are not isolated and how to control my cash flow"

We see in the Bible, in the third Book of John verse two that God and Money are not isolated. No. In fact, God wants His people to prosper. To do that, we simply must be accountable stewards and that involves keeping track of god’s money, which leads us to the subject of cash flow control.

If you can’t measure something you really don’t know what you have. We are commanded in Proverbs 27:23-27 to know the condition of our “flocks”. This simply means that God wants us to keep track of our financial resources—how they are spent, saved, or wasted. Experience has shown that carefree spending without a good tracking system will lead to small and large amounts of money slipping right through our hands, wallets, and purses without us even being aware of it. Thanks to Bill & Maureen Sitter’s workbook, Financial Freedom in 7 Weeks Plus, and our involvement in the 7 week small group study, we now have a thorough understanding concerning accountability and good stewardship. These are needed to develop a good tracking system helping us achieve our ultimate goal to become debt free, to live the life God has chosen for us, and to pass on a legacy of God’s prosperity—having all the resources we need (time, talent, and treasure) to accomplish what God has called us to do.